Modeling/Photography Meetups


What is a Modeling/Photography Meetup?

This is a group that is completely focused on Models and Modeling and our focus is 2 fold;

1. To assist models with being able to model with various forms of modeling and posing. We help create your PROFESSIONAL PORTFILIO, including having a modeling coach, creating comp card and magazine spreads in MODELS OF COLORADO MAGAZINE.
2. We will give you two choices of the modeling agencies that we highly recommend, and have worked with.
This this Meet Up group will have only Pro- Photographers that have been in the Fashion, Editorial and Modeling Industry with 10+ years of experience. 
We will teach you what it takes to become a professional Model, not just shoot and photograph you, but help you to be a professional model and take it to the next level.

Throughout the year, Models of Colorado, organizes meetups in search of new faces to join our growing pool of talent.
In addition, models will also have the opportunity to shoot with and learn from three Published Pro-photographers that conduct these meetups and workshops.
Whether you are a new or experienced model, these meetups offer you the chance to grow as an artist, and be published in our magazine.

At times, it can be a daunting task to build a compelling set of portfolio images. From selecting photographers, scheduling shoots, securing studio space or locations, to marketing yourself, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

We will offer a service that no other Photographer or Meetup is offering (fee based) that is we will give, the tools and the assistance with promoting and marketing your modeling beauty and skills.  We want to prepare you, shoot you, help you with capturing the HIGH END IMAGES so other people and companies will hire you and want to use you images.  You must know how to stand, how to pose, you must know how to walk the runway and act in front of the camera and this takes both experience and being taught.

We will help promote and highlight our models through social media and social media groups, modeling and fashion; networking groups we do all of the leg work for you.   For a fee, this isn’t a free service, but the tools we have we will guide into getting into places that you normally couldn’t get into. 

If you are a Model for us the following must be considered;

  1. This is a JOB, you arrive 15 minutes before the shoot, never be late to our shoots or workshops.
  2. Dress and be prepared for a shoot, make sure that you have all of the outfits you need a few days or a week before the shoot
  3. Be professional, polite and always be ready to model.
  4. Follow directions.
  5. If a modeling coach is working with you, listen and always do what they say it will be for your benefit, the skills you will learn will help you to the next level and beyond.

Models of Colorado allows you to get a real jump start on the process by providing you with a location, connecting you with our events and workshops, offering support and guidance as needed, and helping you establish contacts with other like-minded people.

Models of Colorado Meetups are generally attended by models of all experience levels which allows for some great give and take among the participants. Our meetups will take place either in a studio setting or on-location.

This is your chance to have fun, learn from Pro-photographers and orther models. We try our best to promote models with paid photoshoots.

As a professional model, all we ask is that you show up on time and be camera ready for the photoshoot. Occasionaly we will have make up artist, hair stylist, and body paint artist at these shoots.

This is a great way for models to learn basic to advance posing, runway, promotion, and makeup techniques at our workshops..